Hello to anybody that is giving up their own time to read my blogg, I thank you in advance.

Firstly a little bit about myself.

My name is Steve, I am a family man with two children at home, and one grown up and married and moved on.

I am 40 years of age, I have had many careers and throughout life have learnt many different aspects of life, and useful knowledge.

For the past two years roughly, I have decided to use my free time studying, using various different internet sources.

I have been looking at the wonderful world of science, and have  had many debates on science forums, often leading into bans.

So why bans?

Often explaining new concepts can be hard, finding the correct wording to describe a thought can be difficult.

It does not help though, when no one wants to discuss your thought and only quote back answers we already know, like as if the science book had become a religion.

I found it a rather strange experience, people insulting me with profanities,

people who could not think about what I was saying, and only could answer with…this is how it is, although my ideas, were mostly to unsolved questions and revising some of the current thought.

I was amazed that science suppose to be about discovery, yet the science forums did not want to discover.

And yet these rude obnoxious people are the ones in which we trust with everything that happens in our lives, from medicines to weather warnings.

So what will I personally blog?

I will be blogging some revolutionary thought on science, my thoughts do not break any of the laws of science, but I feel one day I will not be around,

I have to as a duty to the human race,to  share my thoughts, I truly believe my thoughts have merit.

I know you probably have heard this sort of statement a 1000 times before,

but believe me, I will blow your minds, I have blown my own mind considering it, my thoughts change the whole perspective of reality.

Thank you for reading my first Blog, hopefully one of many,


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