I will get the world to understand!

It is often a confusing time involved, for all individuals reading a debate.

Often the meaning of a sentence can be misunderstood.

Often an individual with an idea, can be presumed to be a troll, often this is only a case of misunderstanding and sometimes poor wording from the individual with the idea.

Often then confused, the individual is dissuaded from their idea and just gives up.

There is a fine line between a troll, and a person with an idea who is misunderstood, by been of poor literate qualities, and lack of proper use for the correct contents of the meaning of words.

My next blogg, I will start to explain my ideas,  be prepared for a mind blowing Universe.

Be prepared for simple logic that over rules even Einstein.

I am not a crazy person, I just hope I can find the correct wording.

Thank you for reading my post.


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