We see through the transparent state!

I considered  which one of my thoughts, would be the most ideal to first explain.

After consideration, I thought that  EMR , <electromagnetic radiation>,

to be probably my most easiest hypothesis to explain.

Electromagnetic radiation (EM radiation or EMR) is a form of radiant energy, propagating through space via electromagnetic waves and/or particles called photons.

In layman’s terms, we will just consider EMR as light for this purpose.

We all know the properties of light, containing an array of colours by different wavelengths. X-ray, infra red etc.

This is all good, we can do a lot with light.

However, I see a flaw, x-rays, infra red etc, they are just outcomes of modulating frequencies to a set frequency.

A prism , a reflection , they are just outcomes of interactions!.

So I considered EMR, the effect and the outcomes!.

Effect and outcomes , but not the cause of what does it…..and why does it do it.

So I developed an interest in science and all of the Physical laws.

If we do no know why something does something, is that only to know the result?.

Most of my thought will be relativity, often known for Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Relativity is actually a form of logical thinking.

”Relativity follows logic that we know in the physical realm ”.

”There is no test that will prove anything in relativity. There will be statistical evidence that conforms to logic and often suggesting the direction that follows maths”.

Ok, hopefully you understand the subject of EMR and how my thought process will continue.

We see through the transparent state!, what does this mean?

Current scientific thought says that light , reflects of mass into our eyes,

so we can see that mass!.

I considered this, and considered that to be untrue.

Where was the logic that individual Photons <light>, was reflecting off everything in my visual area and hitting me in my eyeballs.

This just did not sound logically or Physically possible.

So I started to dig deep…

I did light experiments using various primitive techniques, I looked up countless laws of physical process, various sciences, various forums, an array of answers.

I went over and over again the countless laws, and always I drew the same conclusion.

Light does not reflect of mass so we can see it, we see through a transparent state.

We see colours by reflective and absorb properties of mass of EMR.

We see light refracted through a prism.

We see a rainbow from a raindrop.

We see a suns ray through a cloud.

They all have one thing in common, we see light through its own transparent state often in the form of individual waves<spectrum colours>.

This got me thinking, that light, we can not see unless by interaction through a medium or making contact with mass.

Light is transparent, an invisibility,  unless it is interacting.

We see through a visible  light state, that is not invisible but transparent.

We see through the transparent state.

More to follow…..


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