We see light through the transparent state! – Part 4.

In my learning so far, I have learnt lots of interesting things.   Some make sense, some do not.

I considered all aspects of EMR, which is a particle and also a wave.  Emr has a duality.

”Wave–particle duality is a theory that proposes that all matter exhibits the properties of not only particles, which have mass, but also waves”.

Light travels at ”c” which represents the speed of light.  670 616 629 miles per hour or 186,000 miles per second.

And according to Einstein, this speed is constant for all observers.

Now that is pretty fast, faster than humans could ever hope to travel.


My logical instinct, was something was just not quite right.

Critical thinking!

If I was a Photon, I am ”invisible”, transparent to the eye, I start my journey on the nine a.m. train from Red Dwarf to Earthville. However , you can not see that I have started my journey, so you do not know when I have departed to calculate my velocity.

My logic says that there is something a bit strange in that!, something just not seemingly physical possible.

Relative thinking  Journey.

I and you are Photons, we are waiting to leave the Sun, it is our turn next in the line.

We are there, we are at emitting point, we are about ready to roar through space at the speed of ”c”.

I say ”I am sorry my friend, we seem to have a problem, there is a line in front of us”!.

You reply, ”yes, I can clearly see that the line goes all the way to the surface of Earthville”!.

A third Photon joins the conversation.

”It is ok , we are massless particles”, ”we can travel through each other without interaction”.

I reply , ” if we have no interaction, and we really exist, why is there a traffic jam, bumper to bumper, at Earthville’s Stratosphere?”.

The speed of light, really?  , how can it have a speed when it is in constant contact?.


Thank you for reading…..more to follow.










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