We see the through the transparent state – part 3.

Hopefully by what I have posted so far, you understand what I am saying about light.


ImageBy reflectiveness we see light in its visible spectrum form.   By diffraction we see light in its visible spectrum form.

We only see light when it is interacting with matter and the interaction showing effect.

Are we to believe that a Prism catches a spectrum of waves in the exact order every time, no matter where the prism is positioned?.


Are we to believe that a Photon manages to find a linear line in order?.


ImageA rainbow road in a constant order does not make sense, when comparing input to the output!.

Where as, by angle of the prism, the contact that is been made of EMR input, is been stretched,

The angle makes it stretch, it is all though small, a greater distance for the light to travel.

The wavelength associated with the spectrum colour of red , is a longer, straighter wavelength!

Where as the spectrum colour of blue, is a shorter wave length.

Taking into consideration the Doppler blue shift effect, and red shift effect.

The Doppler colour shifts are associated with velocity heading into or away from a light source.

An object that was moving away from light at the near speed of light would be seen to red shift.

Blue shift been the opposite approaching light.

Moving away longer ,straighter wavelengths , spectrum red.

Moving into,tighter, bunched wavelength, blue.

My logic tells me that light is connected to any object in the path, and by direction the radiation pressure changes, hence the change of wavelength.


Thank you for reading .. more to follow…


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