We see through the transparent state!- Part 5.

ImageWhen considering EMR, I considered all aspects.

The diagram does not represent a father Ted punchline, it represent serious thought.

Light follows the Inverse square law,


So considering the inverse square law, and considering a spherical object, that emits Photons, we can assume without doubt that a sphere emits EMR in isotropic form.  Isotropic meaning, is that it is equal in all directions.

We can also assume that EMR fills space, where matter does not exist, and matter where it does exist, absorbs EMR.

We can clearly see in space, space is in daylight, the only time we do not see light in the entire Universe, is when matter blocks the EMR and we see shadow, hence night time.

What creates shadow?

Now this is going to sound the strangest thing you have ever heard in your life, or in fact probably the life of the planet.  Please do not take this , as me been deranged and deluded.  This is still an idea I have not spoken about proper anywhere, and I am unsure of my own thoughts, it is that logically challenging.

Light, is actually dark!.

When you rotate into night stage, there is still radiation.  However, the high contrast has been removed. You only see low contrast.

To the diagram.

I considered why we do not see stars in the background of space,and only in the fore ground, I considered there is no background in space, and considered the reasons why we do not see any more stars or planets beyond our visual universe.


By distance, visual perspective view narrows to a point of vanishing.  A vanishing point, so even stars would vanish.

Light also by the inverse square laws spreads, is also stretched to a vanishing point.

My diagram shows something that has to be questioned, with no background how can we perceive distance and size to be true?.


My conclusion to Light/EMR.

EMR is a flexible massless volume of all space, when it makes contact with matter, it exerts radiation pressure on that matter, and anything that exerts pressure by force, has to have sustained pressure at a constant.

When EMR comes into contact, the energy level fluctuates back and forth like an AC mechanical process.

A build up of energy that backs up to the source of output.

And constantly fluctuates at an incredible rate, so we see through the constant modulation, a transparent state.


Thank you for reading, I often scratch my head too.























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