Life after death!

I continue in my self learning of science and the more I learn the more I seem to be confused, has not much of science is making any logical sense to myself.

I recently considered death and the aspects and science involved in death, often a morbid subject, a subject often associated with sadness.   Leading family members and close friends to grieve, in my mind this is a form of depression.

A depression that sometimes the individual never can get over.  WHY?.

Often it is yearning, the missing of that person and one can also consider a sort of selfishness by themselves.

Is it wrong to not be upset if a cancer patient of elderly age dies, even though that person was a close family member a Mother or Father for example?.

My answer would be no, it would be selfish of me to want them to live and suffer.  The only reason a person gets upset, is because love programs us to be upset, a programming that can easily be logically controlled.


The Ultimate question, what happens when we die or a person dies?.

Do we really die?.

I have considered the aspects, and with some science thought, I am considering that we never die, and always exist!.  This has nothing to do with religion, re-incarnation, or anything else.


Consider this, that nothing in the Universe is ever lost!.

Our bodies are just a vessel that carries our energy!.

Our bodily form allows us to voice, to feel, to smell!.

All our thought is in our brain!.

Apparently our brains have a magnetic field , similar to the Earth’s magnetic field!.

Information of data , is stored by magnetic storage, in various modern day devices, such has a computer hard drive!.

Our life force, is basically a computer design, our memories and thought contained by magnetic storage, we are electrical entities, that exist in a carbon based vessel.


When a person dies, what happens to the electrical energy from your body?

The energy eventually returns to the Universe.  Your sole, your existence, becoming apart of one collective of energy.

Nothing is ever lost, including us…………..





















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