It is always dark, and light is an illusion!.

Part 1– It is always dark , and light is an illusion.


A while ago I wrote a post, about the transparent state of light.  I failed to consider that it is not the light that is transparent, but that dark is transparent to light.

Mr Einstein considered light to be a constant speed to all observers, but what was never considered, was a visual unvaried constant to all observers, and also the observations of other species.

time cube


The diagram above, shows a velocity constant, a time constant , and the curvature displacement of time, by distance travelled.

The cube represents 9 dimensional time and space.  All observers observe time the same, and no dilation of actual time , is possible.

The cube formation can be removed, leaving the vectors, and replaced with a sphere formation, to show time and space curvature displacement.  Science insists that experiments and satellites prove time dilation to exist.

Where time is not an atom, and time displacement by curvature explains a satellite.

Light in 9 dimensional space , empty space, is unvaried to all observers.

If you were at the central mass of the cube, you would be submerged with in the energy constant. Unvaried visually to all observers.


Part 2 – coming soon.





One thought on “It is always dark, and light is an illusion!.

  1. If part two is half as good as part one then I think we can say you have shed a little less light onto an otherwise cloudy world.

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