Theory of everything part-5f.

When considering the unique properties of water, we are considering these aspects as in natural attributes, unlike the burning wood where we add fire.   Water also has a property of being a dielectric substance.  A dielectric substance having the qualities of being a poor electrical conductor.  Water is an electrical neutral dipole,  equal and oppositely […]

The theory of everything part-5d

We shall also find on the subject of matter, that there are many interrelationships of the properties of substances.  There is a marriage type relationship between all matter, where as all matter is dependent of being atoms, and dependent of mass,  and we can say with a certainty,  the deepest understanding of matter comes from understanding the actual […]

The theory of everything part-5c

What else should we consider when considering matter and the attributes of matter?  It is important when considering matter not to ignore the work of Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier who discovered the law of conservation of mass that led to many new findings in the nineteenth century. A basic outline of this is ”that nothing is ever lost” […]

The theory of everything – part 4

Important to the matter at hand is our understanding of what the ”black background” of space is when considering the concept of honesty and the reality of physical aspects.  To  presume something is not to prove something but will allow us understanding in the aim of discovering of what ”everything” is about.  We should take […]

The theory of everything part -3

If space itself is also expanding, and beyond this space, ”the black background”, nothing exists, what is the expanding space, expanding into?   Science does not observe an actual expansion of space itself.   All cosmological observations are based on the observations of objects.  All objects are observed through the clarity of space.  One could make […]

The theory of everything – part 2.

Where should one start with an exploration of everything looking for an explanation to everything?  Firstly we must consider the aspects involved that are important when considering ”everything”.   We must take note of history and try to define reasoning from this. At what point in history do we first consider? Do we consider from the […]

The theory of everything – Part 1

The principle of science,  the test of all knowledge is experiment, experiment is the sole judge of scientific “truth.” Where does the  experiment idea originate from in the first place? The experiment itself helps us to produce  laws that we can add a quantifiable measurement too,  but also needed is imagination to create these experiments […]