Space-time uncovers the Big Bang uncovered

Albert Einstein produced a Theory that time and space were interwoven, a space-time consisting of 3 dimension XYZ and the forth dimension of time independent of an observer or an object.

Science also has the Big Bang theory consisting of an expanding Universe and it is said that space itself is expanding.

Further research and forum time have lead me to a logical and only assumption about space-time and the Big Bang.

Science admits that space is transparent, science also admits that space can be perceived but not observed by it’s invisible capacity of a constant transparent state.  We see nothing in space between observation point and the object we are observing it is transparent space.

This leads to the question of how can space be observed as expanding when we can not observe an empty space?

So I inquired about this on various forums etc.

Science – We observe the expansion of the Universe by observing a red shift of the matter and the matter is gaining a greater distance from our perspective view.

Me- So what you are really  saying is that you do not observe the actual space, you observe matter in a space moving away from us into space.  Why would the Physics be any different to a Rocket travelling into space and through space, there is no wall or an edge of space, the only wall that exists is your ability to see light or matter when the vanishing point is reached.  The matter and light still exists, the matter is to small by visual perspective to see, the light emitters are also  visually perspective too small to see and the light is so red shifted it is beyond our visual limitations.

The shapeless infinite universe of space that contains matter is not a finite boundary based on dot to dot of the visible matter we can observe reflecting or emitting light, there is no shape to space, there is no sauce pans or big dippers in space, that is dot to dot.

3 lines on a chalk board and time is not true, time is not observed in a space , only by occupying of a space by matter does time accumulate in that space, time is for a certainty dependant to  the observer or object in a timeless infinite shapeless space.

The background of space is not a blackness, it is the same space as localized space, except it is to far away to see anything in that space.

”We need a bigger boat”…..

Edge of space


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