Time travel is possible but not like you imagine!

The curiosity of time and a wanting to travel back in time or into a future is almost certainly impossible in the means of rewinding back the clock and de-evolving the Earth.

So how is it possible too travel back in time or travel into a future time?

To understand this you must firstly understand any misconceptions about time travel, it is arguable that light from a distance star takes an amount of time to reach us, so we see that specific star in our past according to thought.
However this is not quite accurate, this idea is based on a misconception and the opinions and observation of a one way observer.

The only other evidence offered is a said time dilation, a time dilation thought of by use of an arbitrary device, a device that is not time itself and can not possibly alter the passage of time, a similarity to saying if I used the dripping water of a tap that was at a constant rate to record a passage of time, the equivalent to saying that If I stopped the drip, time would stop.

Firstly consider the one way observation, if I or you was on that star looking towards the Earth and vice versus with a clock, we would record the exact same increment of time pass by.

If we were both to travel toward each other through space, then again our clocks remain the same.

Our clocks are not of faulty mechanism, our clocks do not fluctuate by gravity displacement and motion.

The perceived thought of a star in our past is an illusion by simple not accounting for the distance travelled of the light through space.

If you travelled to the star at light speed, we arrive at the star the same time light arrives at the earth.

Why do I say time travel is possible then when I have just clearly stated it can not happen?

It is a simple concept really, imagine a sister planet to the Earth that was formed later than the Earth effectively being of a past Earth.

Older is future , newer is past, travel to a less evolved planet and that is technically time travelling into a past.
Travel to an older planet that is evolved more than us and that is technically travelling into the future.

Maybe little green men with spaceships is not such fiction after all, that could be our very own future as we evolve to climate change.


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