The mechanism of Gravity – continued

Continuing in my quest in search of full answers and not partial answers I considered the various effects of gravity on various elements.  This lead me to the clouds and also a consideration for the mechanism of lightning.  Clouds are the epoch of recombination of vaporised water molecules and a gathering of dust particles,smoke, Co2 etc..  The bottom of the cloud  can be observed of becoming more dense allowing the bottom of the cloud to have a greater thermodynamic absorption in the occupied space.  A density created by gravity pulling at the clouds elements, elements that are firstly more negative than positive but gradually becomes a more positive charge.

The top of the cloud does not propagate light has much as the bottom of the cloud where the greater density creates a cluster of positive ions, that are repelled by the positive ions of the planet and also repelled by the ionisation upper atmosphere layer to remain in a steady orbit  above the ground but within our atmosphere suspended between the two positives I mentioned of the ionising core and ionising upper layer of the atmosphere.

A white cloud will reflect more light and allow more light to pass through than a dark cloud, space underneath a dark cloud becoming more negative than the space above the cloud.  The cloud being a thermal and electrical  barrier between the spaces that gains charge, a process by Kinetic action of the exited clouds atom’s being positive ion’s that is implemented by  thermodynamic increase by light propagation by the density of the clouds lower layer implemented by gravity.

A process that which by positive ion’s become compressed centripetally into a cluster by the surrounding attracted negative ion’s with greater volume and the positive ion’s of the earth’s core and the upper layer positive ions forcing the positive ion’s of the cloud to be in a suspended equilibrium making a virtual containment that causes the positive ion’s of the cloud that have to repel each other to build up an energy pressure that eventually tears itself apart in an instant creating a directed burst of energy through a negative containment pathway of negative ion trails,  creating a rift through the fabric of atmosphere.

In the ground there is a similar process and the ground gains a positive charge that in general comparison  is spread out like water poured onto a flat surface and being a puddle.   Then once the cloud releases its energy in the form of lightning , at that very instance the point zero of the clouds energy starting point becomes a negative that then sucks like a straw to that point the energy from the ground.


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