What is the mechanism of Gravity?

Mechanism is not the process like the hands on a clock but rather the internal workings that makes the process.  We all know that we have a gravity calculation based on mass that defines orbital actions and an acceleration that an object will fall at too the Earth from the sky.  This is process and actions rather than a mechanism, a comparison to owning a car and knowing it can move but not knowing what an engine is that drives the actions.  It is also said that everything in the Universe of a matter or mediums form is made up of atoms, atoms consist of 3 Quarks that make up a Proton and also there is a  Neutron that makes up the Nucleus of the atom and an electron of a outer electron shell , although some elements of the Universe   made of atoms are without Neutrons.  It is also explained that all matter or a medium has mass, mass being essential to the equations of the gravity calculation and Newtons force.  Mass of an object is defined normally in kilograms, not to be mistaken for  a weight which is Newtons of force calculated by an objects mass.  In explanation of Gravity it is also said that all mass is attracted to mass, meaning any object of matter or mediums such as air are attracted to each other by Gravity of each others mass.

Atoms are bound together by a strong nuclear force and have the ability to become excited by gaining positive charge or becoming dormant when negative charged known in science as positive or negative charged ions.  A positive ion will repel an equally positive ion where as a negative ion is attracted to a positive ion, a negative ion has no effect on a negative ion.  In context referring to the actions of atmospheric gases and a said buoyancy , I would like to mention what I consider an ion flux and the ion flux being the magic and mechanism of gravity.

It is a well known fact that Helium and Hydrogen are buoyant gases and air is buoyancy dependant on energy in the air in the form of heat, hot air rises.  However , where as Hydrogen and Helium will rise and remain rising, air has a differential in the characteristics of behaviour, when the air cools down as it rises the air eventually will fall back down to the Earth, a sort of yoyo action by thermodynamic increase or decrease.  Air being made of atoms that becomes positively charged and rises opposing the effects of gravity and effectively decreasing in Newtons.  A consequence of actions of being a positive more than a negative being repelled by the positive ion’s Earth’s core, from once it returns to its equilibrium state and loses the charge when the air is cooled as it rises creating a  negative effect that then is attracted back down to the positive ion core.

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