The theory of everything – part 2.

Where should one start with an exploration of everything looking for an explanation to everything?  Firstly we must consider the aspects involved that are important when considering ”everything”.   We must take note of history and try to define reasoning from this. At what point in history do we first consider? Do we consider from the first funding of science in seventeenth century Prague? This would not be a good place to start with years that have past by before this!   We need to try to imagine the basis of our course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination , a situation where knowledge was limited to survival and religion played a powerful role.

What aspect should we consider first?   Firstly we should consider a starting point of science and  the derivation of religion and the creation parts of religion being possibly the first recorded information of Pseudo-science, a science based on imagination that had no definite proof’s. Information that in the later years to follow  would be taken literally to be true and studied by science.  Most religions consist of a creation by a God, and before this creation nothing existed comparing to the Big Bang, religion created ”light” in the early passages, different religions considered we are made of clay from the ground technically in agreement with that things are made of atoms.  Of cause after the creation parts, then the science fades and turns into  wild imagination with no logic involved. By no means is this the fault of religion, they were at a dead end in their thinking by limited means and stuck for answers beyond this.  A perspective view of the ”black background” of space being in comparison to living in a cave.  A perspective view that still exists today that creates the illusion of a realm outside of our visual boundary for those who wish to believe this. This is not to say that outside of our boundaries there is nothing, and that there is no space for bio-geographical distribution.   We should also make a consideration that the universe is older than our existence on Earth and be in a sure agreement that anything that was a prequel to our existence will be an invention by thought unless experimentally proven to be.

Why do we  observe a ”black background” of space?  One could argue that it is an experience created  by our limited means of observation,  experimental observation clearly shows that an object can be observed that is travelling away from us into  a space,  visually vanishes when it is at a distance past its vanishing point to observation, the same can be said for a light emitting source.  A simple experiment of a small pen torch gaining a greater distance away from us shows this to be physically true, the light from the pen torch will visual vanish the greater the distance the pen torch is moved away from us, eventually the dot of the light visually vanishes. We know the pen torch is still there but we also know it is now to small to observe relative to us from our observation position.  If we were to stop the pen torch moving away from us at a position of the vanishing point,  then we moved from our stationary observation point and approached the light, the light dot would then reappear.   Simple physics with no complexity or virtual walls.  One could also argue that an experimental observation of a single low wattage red light bulb ,a positioned central pendant in a vast expanse of a warehouse will observational allow you to see the virtual walls of darkness when observed from under the pendant, created by the absence of light magnitude inhibiting  a visual effect on the surrounding warehouse walls.  You will observe a ”black background” of space and have no idea of what is in or of the darkness such as perceived distance or objects.

What does present information suggest about the ”black background” of space? Present information suggests a prequel to our existence of a ”Big Bang”, it is said that this is evidentially proven by the cosmological red shift and an expanding Universe and the cosmic background microwave radiation.  It is explained that from a singular point the big bang happened and that this created the entire universe and all things in it.  It is said before the ”big bang” that nothing existed , not even space and not even ‘time’. It is also said that space itself is also expanding, and beyond this space, ”the black background”, nothing exists.


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