The theory of everything part-5b

All matter is said to be made of these tiny particles, called Atoms! So tiny has a singular Atom, they are not seen by the human eye.  To clarify the extent of the smallness of these Atom’s, we can imagine a pin head contains thousands of atoms.   Can we conclude as a result or consequence of this,  that if as suggested presently all matter has mass, and all mass is evidentially proven to be attracted to other mass, and the proposition that all matter is made of these tiny particles called Atom’s, that any applied attractive force, is generated by the atoms,  when formed into an individual collective  group of Atom’s, and all singular atoms are attracted to other singular atoms?  Can we conclude this based on there is not really anything else in matter other than Atom’s,  that suggests any other physical variances to make an attractive force?  Could we conclude the force that Cavendish measured was a similarity to the force Coulomb  measured and the electrostatic force between charges to establish Coulomb’s law?

What do we mean when we say a Physical variance? We will introduce this through a familiar comparison, if you can imagine a bridge that was designed to allow a vehicle to travel over it that was not in excess of two tons.  Any vehicle that was in excess of two tons would collapse the bridge, this vehicle would be a physical variance to the bridges constant physical properties of strength. Whilst the vehicle is under force from the gravitational constant, the vehicle wants to fall to the ground or river that the bridge rises over.  A two ton vehicle has an equilibrium constant, equal to the gravitational constant  magnitude of force, not causing the bridge to collapse, because the bridge has an equal and opposing force, opposing the two ton of mass of the vehicle.    A vehicle in excess of two ton , collapses the bridge and falls to the ground or river, where the ground also has an opposing force which is much greater than over two tons.

Also in explanation of a physical variance is the more complex thermodynamics,   that  of which is consideration of an object and the temperature of an object.   The physical properties of thermodynamics of an object or system.  Matter has a unique property of absorbing energy and the transmission of energy,  a particular  provision, especially of a timely preparation for future eventualities of nature.  However,  this falls under our category two, and the unseen work in the universe.


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