The theory of everything part-5d

We shall also find on the subject of matter, that there are many interrelationships of the properties of substances.  There is a marriage type relationship between all matter, where as all matter is dependent of being atoms, and dependent of mass,  and we can say with a certainty,  the deepest understanding of matter comes from understanding the actual mechanism underneath.

Can we really consider an atom without considering the laws of attraction of an electron and a proton and considering a relationship for the cause of gravity mechanism?

Can we really ignore that a grouping  of atoms will be of a positive and a negative with attraction attributes of both positive and negative?

Can we really ignore the evidential facts that two bodies that are positive will repel one another?

In looking for an answer to ”everything”, we must leave no stone unturned and consider all the rudiments involved,  looking to find a common principle on which something is based.

Moving on in our consideration of our first category, ”things that can be seen”, like objects, we are now going to consider objects we observe, that are not solids like stone but  matter with a various types of properties, such as fluids and plasma’s.


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