The theory of everything part-5e

Firstly we will take consideration for fluids, and we will look at a common familiar we all know, water (H²0).  In the consideration of all matter, water is a substance with its own unique properties, it has the ability  to exhibit a trio of characteristics, that of a solid, (when in the form of ice), a liquid (when in the form of water), and a gaseous form (when in evaporation).

Water also has a unique property that allows it to recombine from a gaseous form back to a liquid form of water, often observed as raindrops or condensation.

One could also express, that ancient religion even recognised the evaporation process but did not quite understand the physics involved.

”For this they are willingly ignorant of, that by the word of God the Heavens were of old, and the Earth standing out of the water and in the water”.  

Water, like any other matter, has mass, and is effected by gravity the same as any other substance that has mass.  The questions we need to ask ourselves are, why is there differences in form?  how can water rise by being evaporated?  how is ice formed?.    One could ask themselves questions about buoyancy, and question the relationship between buoyancy and gravity.    A wise man once noticed an apple falling from a tree, and what goes up, must come down, unless there is an equal and opposing force.

We all observe a created puddle on a rainy day, and we all observe that when it stops raining, and the Sun starts to shine, the puddle vanishes into an invisible rising mist.

What causes the water puddle to become an invisible mist?  Water , like any other matter is made of atoms. Water, like any other matter is attracted to the ground.   When the Sun  transfers it energy to the water, the water evaporates.  Then the opposite direction to gravity , the less dense mist rises.

A person would have reasonable argument to assume that something is in the process of the water when changing into a vapour, that makes the water anti-gravitational whilst in vapour form. We all know when the vapour recombines back into water, it then becomes back under the influence  force of gravity, as can be seen in a falling raindrop or condensation running down a window.


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