Theory of everything part-5f.

When considering the unique properties of water, we are considering these aspects as in natural attributes, unlike the burning wood where we add fire.   Water also has a property of being a dielectric substance.  A dielectric substance having the qualities of being a poor electrical conductor.  Water is an electrical neutral dipole,  equal and oppositely charges that can become polarised to a specific charge.

When water is in interaction with electromagnetic radiation, or for simplicity light, the water molecules on the surface become polarised to a positive polarity, and the molecules are said to rotate in the direction of the electrical field,  aligning itself in the field direction associated with it. The electric field induced by polarization overcomes the effect caused by the applied electric field.

Can we not consider this to be a possible mechanism of gravity or in some way interrelated?

Can we not consider the very ground beneath our feet to be of dielectric properties?

Can we really not consider Galaxies to have polarisation effect on each other?

Would polarisation of atoms,  a change in equilibrium, explain a particular condition of something that is happening at a specific time?

It is experimentally observed that when a metal object is heated, the metal expands, and when the metal cools it contacts.

What is happening inside the metal?  One could presume that when we add energy to the metal,  which  is made out of  Atom’s,  the Atom’s become excited and create kinetic energy by their own means of process. A process in which that Atom’s, start to repel other Atom’s.

It is evidentially proved that two of the same polarity charges will repel each other.  One could certainty ask question of this process, and make comparisons to expansion being positive polarity of atoms and contraction being a negative or a returning equilibrium polarity of the Atom’s that make up the metal.

We may say that the comparison to water is irrelevant, however, we can not ignore the behaviour characteristics of Atom’s when all matter is Atom’s.


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