I think my writing days are over!

In a world that is growing in population with a never ending rat race, sometimes I feel like I just need to get away.  To sit here and write is in a world of it’s own, a solitude of calm with a single thought about what I am writing and a sort of tranquillity of the mind.

It is great to engage in conversation with others, a cyberspace where often confusion arising by misunderstanding of a sentence brings chaos to the topic.

However sadly my days have passed by, words have stole my life, the time I have lost with no prevail is irreplaceable.

I gave a lot and gained very little in searching for truths. The seagull’s followed my trawler and the fishes I threw into the air captivated their attention.

Now though the seagulls have disappeared and my bucket is empty of fish.  I am left alone on the deck of my boat, sailing a straight line with a single destination to nowhere, alone and quiet, a solitude of talking to myself, wasted words lost into cyberspace, an expansion of a vast that falls to deaf ears.

My friends are my friends, but I do not speak to my friends like this, this I will miss as it is of the imagination.


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