We start to die after maturity is reached.


Reaching an arbitrary point designated as biological maturity prior to a biological decay.

One thing in life is a certainty, the certainty that death awaits for  all  animal species on Earth.  Every species is born to await death, a period of existence in space-time that will inevitably cease to be.  Species have an average age they can reach in their existence, space-time allowing an increment of time of a species that can occupy space.

Species have a variation in average ages of life expectancy, humans live on average 82 years, the life expectancy of a hamster 2-4 years, a worker bee  28-35 days. 

A pre-defined period of existence dependent to species.

To count up is the same as to count down, our existence is limited to the boundaries of quantum state and our increment time of existence is predefined  by our species type.  From the moment a species finds maturity , a species then enters a state of decay.

We live until we are 21 and then we start to die.



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