The Continuity of a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied!


The unbroken and consistent existence of space, a vast emptiness of observed activity, a vast that humans are the apparent dominant species of,  a domain humans  have claimed and  quantified to aid in their existence.  A synchronisation of time and space denoted by their own planets motion relative to a sun.  Time , speed and distance,  everything of space denoted  relative to their own planet, a devised scaling system of proportion or increment used in determining the dimensional relationship of a representation to that which it represents.  Dimensions, time, distance and speed,   almost or nearly as described, but not complete or according to strict definition based on reality.

In 1676,  Danish astronomer, Olaus Roemer first successfully measured the speed of light, in 1905, Albert Einstein postulated that the speed of light with respect to any inertial  reference frame was constant.   In 2015 there is still no mention of the continuity of Photons  propagating through space relative to sight, the continuity  of the Photons is constant to sight in all inertial reference frames, a constant of visual properties, in the form of, that we see through space without obstruction to sight, by the light magnitude denoting the ”opaqueness” of darkness to sight. We also do not see Photons in space as if it were like a dust particle, light in space allows sight to pass through space, so in essence, light is ”transparent” to sight.

Beyond the light is (CBR) Cosmic background Radiation, reminiscence of the said big bang. This is also seen as light by device, so when you think it is dark, think again, darkness to human perception is not dark , as in without light, but rather, it is dark because you have no sight through space, ask a snake he will tell you the same thing.

In science, aether theories propose the existence of a medium,   a space-filling substance or field, thought to be necessary as a transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces.  In essence science is saying that in space, this visual constant of clarity, there exists something that the light travels through.

Now is it me?  

or does the existence of a background radiation provide the answer to this?

Does the light not pass through the background radiation on its journey as obviously the background radiation is in the light’s path?

to be continued…….


18 thoughts on “The Continuity of a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied!

  1. What utter nonsense. You state that science proposes the existence of an aether. It does not. It debunked this idea a long long time ago.

      1. Funny how you did not approve my reply to the above. I guess you do not want to publicly show anything here that shows your immense ignorance. I note you also have a like from a body buider. Well done. Really taking the world of science by storm aren’t you?

  2. Yes I have. You say ‘in science aether proposes’ whilst being not only barely literate, is also not true. Science does not propose ‘an aether’ only people, like you who have absolutely no understanding of science as demonstrated by this blog.

      1. ‘In science aether theory proposes’ means nothing and is just mangled words. Especially if you are now saying that science does not propose such a theory. Very muddled thinking. What theory proposes an aether?

  3. That still makes no sense. ‘in science,aether theories suggest’ means that aether theory belongs to science. This is nonsense as science completely disowned aether theory over 100 years ago. There is no aether theory in science. It the preserve of cranks, or people like you who have demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of the subject.

      1. There is no such thing as aether, whetehr you think CBMR is part of it or not. This has been known for oer 100 years.

      2. Well obvious it is not like a gas an aether, because it is cbmr, which is ”ghost” energy. I know the original aether theory was wrote off, and I also know a ”ghost” medium is hard to imagine.

    1. It doesn’t exist because nobody ever considered the CBMR to be it, CBMR is detected in space, photons have to pass through the CBMR on its journey, it is hardly far fetched when this happens. CBMR is already proven to exist, I have only advanced on the use and definition of this, an energy medium that allows solar energy to pass through it. Hardly rocket science.

      1. Photons do not need a medium to pass through. Hardly rocket science very basic physics. By the way, what is ‘a vast’ there is no such noun as ‘vast’ it is not a thing. Are you referring to the anti-virus software ‘Avast’ or are you pretending to be a pirate?

      2. I really suggest you look up words yourself, a vast -of very great extent or quantity; immense. Why are you trying to troll me, you do realise it is pointless and I will chat forever.

  4. If you have a look at the dictionary definition vast is an adjective. In other words for the slow of thinking, it is a ‘describing word’ – the role of which is to qualify a noun. You cannot just have ‘a vast’ without it being linked to a noun i.e. a vast space between your ears for example. Never just ‘a vast’ like you have used it in ‘a vast that humans are the apparent dominant species of’. That is just nonsense.

    I am sure you will chat forever. The more you do the more you demonstrate your lack of grasp of English, science and just about everything else you try to ‘explain’

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