Time – Three independent states of existence woven into a single manifold continued.

1-Time is an arbitrary creation by mankind to synchronise their everyday activities. 1.1- This state of time is denoted by the relative movement of the earth’s spin relative to the motion of the sun. We nowadays use clocks to represent the twenty four hours or so of rotation relative to the two bodies,  An invention […]

The ”virtual rubber ball” theorem of space.

What goes up , must come down, each action has an equal and opposite reaction, like the stretching of an elastic band will have imposed by its own mechanism an equal and opposing force to the force of the expansion, until  the elastic band eventually breaks by an inequality of greater stretching force.  To break free from […]

Time – Three independent states of existence woven into a single manifold.

Time, three independent states of existence woven into a single manifold. Throughout history and of the present, humans have questioned  ”what is time”?  The everyday mechanism that synchronises our independent lives to everyone else’s  independent lives.  Time becoming a dependency, an activity that is natural to the purpose of a person, a formed relationship that  dominates […]

Insanely searching for more we forget the less.

”If the SLS is able to meet the $500 million target, it would end up being cheaper to fly than the space shuttle. The shuttle program cost about $209 billion (in2010 dollars) over its lifetime and made a total of 135 flights, yielding an average cost per launch of more than $1.5 billion.12 Sep 2012” […]

Science forum life from inside the mind of delusions of grandeur.

An unusual, not typical relationship to a  famous person, a sense of knowing everything, a feeling of self worth and identity, a state of dis pare and desperation.   A feeling of being lost and finding a sense of home, a place to escape and confine reality to a whisper in the background. Like bells […]