The Continuity of a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied!-part 2

Emptiness is so beautiful, without emptiness we would observe nothing beautiful.


We can observe matter in space, but what is in that space between matter where we see nothing but an emptiness?  One could suggest that it would be simpler to say, nothing exists in that space, it is void like.  One could also suggest that the space contains energy that does not have a physical existence like concrete, but does have a physical  state or fact of existing like light and CBMR.  Although light in space has no net charge and is not visually seen to have body, on a ”hot day”, you can certainly feel the radiant energy on your skin by the propagation of the electromagnetic radiation from the sun passing through the CBMR, applying a radiation pressure on your skin where you obstruct the  intrinsic flow of electromagnetic radiation.

In the space before you, one thing remains a mystery, the forces of gravity and of what is in this ”empty space”, that makes gravity work.  One could possibly perceive that space itself was of negative charge and values, space itself being a negative divider of Negative/positive mass.   In terminology I would call this space, Nega-space, a negative coupling that connects all mass, that allows the negative  of mass to be attracted to the positive of mass through the divider.

Thank you for reading.


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