The start of everything!


When considering, how did everything begin?  we must firstly try to consider and imagine what nothing is.  Presently the Big Bang theory suggests everything started from a singular point, even the existence of space itself, however it is hard to imagine a singular point , without imagining a singular point surrounded by space.   The question arises of a singular point of what?  It is almost with a certainty that a singular point would of being just a starting point in an infinite space.  To imagine empty space is the simplest concept, to remove all mass, to remove all light/EMR and to remove the cosmic background microwave radiation, technically de-evolving space back to the void it started out to be.

If there were no mass, all gravitational forces would simply vanish, if there were no energy, no work could be done including the work needed to create a big bang.  So we must ask the question of, where did this energy come from in the first instant, to start the act of creation and start the work necessarily to create an entire Universe in an infinite void?  How can nothing manifest something?   Is the answer thinking deep inside the void and considering of what properties the void contains that may of been overlooked?

To say a void is nothing and contains nothing, is not entirely true, on close inspection we can realise a void contains a volume of space, the total summation of this volume of space when concerning energies is equal to zero, and like wise can be said for forces.  In a hypothetical scenario, I believe if you were transported to the centre of this void, like something off Star Trek,  every single bit of energy would be instantly extracted from your body and you would become literally froze in ”time” or maybe crushed at an instant, something you may ask yourself , how is this possible to be crushed in a void when it is empty?.

What if this void was not entirely empty?  What if the voids space itself was a sort of negative, a virtual bond?  Not like the conventional negatives but something more of a ”virtual” nature, that always attracts itself to itself, like when an object is moved that is displacing space, space fills the ”gap’ at an instant’ where the object was. Space fills the ”gap” as fast as light fills the ”gap”, space does not like leaving gaps.

But if space does not have physical body, how can space move to fill a ”gap”? It is as if ,space was being pencilled in the ”gap”.

What would happen if we were to put a volume of mass at the centre of a void?  Would the void inflate has the mass displaced space?  We know if we remove the mass the void would centripetally fill in the ”gap” at an instant, how can space move?

What if this void space was an intricate web of negativity as clearly all values are zero, an  intricate web that can be twisted and contorted by  being displaced by positive mass?

What if at the centre of this infinite void the density of the intricate negative web was under pressure by its own function and all of negative space attracted centripetally to this singular point manifesting a convertual positive particle. Convertual being that of a virtual particle that is convertible into energy, such as a Photon, which in space are neutralised positives until they have work to do, hence no net charge.

This single convertual particle then was crushed by space, creating the Big Bang,


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