Science forum life from inside the mind of delusions of grandeur.


An unusual, not typical relationship to a  famous person, a sense of knowing everything, a feeling of self worth and identity, a state of dis pare and desperation.   A feeling of being lost and finding a sense of home, a place to escape and confine reality to a whisper in the background.

Like bells in my head ring the words , wrong, wrong, wrong.

Can It really be I, an error in my logic, I must be correct…..

”you are wrong” say they.

Please tell me why, how can I be so wrong when obviously I am so correct?

”The good book says you are wrong” says they.

Oh no , it is not I that lie about what is in the sky… can not speak of truths like me, you know the clear I see.

”The good book says you are wrong ” says they.

To justify a point is to add logic, to exist and to explain in vein on death ears.  They are not listening or do not care, they are jealous of me. They just want to steal all my ideas for themselves.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe they are correct, maybe I am ill, maybe I am living inside of my own head and all my power of thought is really a transition of my own reality.

”were just going to all ignore you and hope you go away” I imagine they said to themselves.

But why would they do that I ask myself, surely my imagination is great and wise.

Few science forums tolerate anyone who has their own opinions, have an opinion and your a crazy, have an idea it is crazy, try to change anything , you are stupid or a troll.

For anyone reading this, their is few forums that discuss, most of them dictate, most of them try to force a discipline on you, accept or be banned.   I think If I could do it over, I just would have not bothered, I can look up what they force on WIKI.

They are boring places, with arrogant people who really do think they know it all, but the wise know, they only know what they can remember of their forced discipline, most of them can not think for themselves.


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