Insanely searching for more we forget the less.

”If the SLS is able to meet the $500 million target, it would end up being cheaper to fly than the space shuttle. The shuttle program cost about $209 billion (in2010 dollars) over its lifetime and made a total of 135 flights, yielding an average cost per launch of more than $1.5 billion.12 Sep 2012”


It is now 2015, is it really acceptable that our fellow human beings are still in situations of living in states of squalor ?

Is it acceptable that these people are treated worse than mistreated dogs?


(The above picture is of a dog rescued in Puerto Rico )

Not related to the above picture ”a vet who mistreated two of her own dogs has been fined hundreds of pounds. Kerstin Vockert from Sopley in Dorset admitted failling to meet the welfare needs of her cocker spaniel and her shih tzu who were found severely matted and covered in mud and faeces. One was put down by Vockert herself – the other had to be completely shaved.”

Yet no one is fined or accountable for  homeless humans or humans living in diabolical poverty or famine stricken countries, we can fine hundreds of pounds for a dog covered in faeces , yet we walk past the homeless holding our noses and mock the faeces on their clothes.

We can spend billions on science and war, but yet we can leave children with starving bellies.


”We look to the stars and we look to the world, we ask if there is a God, please do not forsake us, we have not done thy no evils, we are the innocent, we did not ask to be born in this specific location, a place of specific sun generation” I imagine they say.

”Allah can not be wise and wonderful and everywhere, Allah does not show charity and mercy to all, yet we prey the same for his help although his name maybe named different , a name is just a name” I imagine they say.

”There can be no God, love or compassion, humanity does not care about us, we will just die” I imagine they do.


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