Time – Three independent states of existence woven into a single manifold.

Time, three independent states of existence woven into a single manifold.


Throughout history and of the present, humans have questioned  ”what is time”?  The everyday mechanism that synchronises our independent lives to everyone else’s  independent lives.  Time becoming a dependency, an activity that is natural to the purpose of a person, a formed relationship that  dominates most peoples lives.  Often a person will say, ”I just do not have the time”, as if time dictates their every action.  We often use the phrase , ”spend time”, as if a persons time was of worth, which is rightly so. so  I thank you for spending some of your time in reading this, thank you being the only reward of appreciation I can give.   My time is also very important to me, I prefer spending my time with my family rather than riches, although I do like to spend some of my time sharing my thoughts freely.

How much value can you really put on a persons one second of worth?

Moving on now to the more complex, we will now establish the three independent states of time.

1-Time is an arbitrary creation by mankind to synchronise their everyday activities.

2-Time is virtual representation of the dimension of the whole of space and virtual vectors of space.(space-time)

3-Time is the independent rate of decay of independent physical bodies/particles. (such as the Caesium atom)

Principle rule 1 – All independent observers of time, independently occupy all three states of time, at the same time.

Principle rule 2- State 1 and state 2 are dependent for all observers, where as state 3 is independent for all observers.

To be continued……..


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