The ”virtual rubber ball” theorem of space.

What goes up , must come down, each action has an equal and opposite reaction, like the stretching of an elastic band will have imposed by its own mechanism an equal and opposing force to the force of the expansion, until  the elastic band eventually breaks by an inequality of greater stretching force.  To break free from the earth’s gravity there has to be an inequality of force, an escape velocity has to be reached, an opposing force to gravity, a greater magnitude of a stretching force, compared to the lesser magnitude of the contracting force of gravity.

rubber ball

Travelling at a velocity away from a light source at the near speed of light, the light that is following you becomes stretched. Travelling at a relative velocity to a gravitational influence even your time becomes stretched.   Travelling away from an inertial reference frame even the distance between you and the starting point is stretched, the space between you and the starting point expands .


Observe any object that can be moved, move the object, observe how light and space fills where there was no space and no light.

Imagine a concrete existence inside of a virtual rubber ball…………once something concrete is displaced, the virtual rubber ball is displaced.


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