Time – Three independent states of existence woven into a single manifold continued.


1-Time is an arbitrary creation by mankind to synchronise their everyday activities.

1.1- This state of time is denoted by the relative movement of the earth’s spin relative to the motion of the sun. We nowadays use clocks to represent the twenty four hours or so of rotation relative to the two bodies,  An invention of a measurement that would go on to synchronise our every day activities and to aid in the scaling of space and  the measurement of speed and such.

2-Time is virtual representation of the dimension of the whole of space and virtual vectors of space.(space-time)

2.1– This state of time is a virtual representation of estimation, I.e we can calculate a journey of one mile will take one hour to travel at a  constant speed of  1 mph.   Albert Einstein created space-time and XYZ, virtual representations of dimensions of space to represent virtual journey paths through space that have not yet taken place.

3-Time is the independent rate of decay of independent physical bodies/particles. (such as the Caesium atom)

3.1- This state of time is all of existence, a rate that remains constant if the observer remains stationary in an initial reference frame and a constant of gravitational influence.  Motion stretches this time, a change in rate of time by displacement of the gravitational force constant having effect on frequency.

Principle rule 1 – All independent observers of time, independently occupy all three states of time, at the same time.

Principle rule 2- State 1 and state 2 are dependent for all observers, where as state 3 is independent for all observers.

Principle rule 3- principle 1 and 2 are unarguable axioms and this explained the full structure of what time is, the single manifold being all that is of matter occupying all three states of time instantaneously.


7 thoughts on “Time – Three independent states of existence woven into a single manifold continued.

  1. This was interesting. Could ask for a quick explanation to what the 4th and 5th dimension are, hypothetically? I am writing something and just want to be sure that what I am writing is correct….

    1. We have 3 states of time and any individual matter making up 4 dimensional ”space”, and the 5th dimension of space itself. Obviously present info suggest xyz and the forth dimension of time.

      1. The 5th dimension is distance/space, a independent time line that is constant with no start and no end, the 4th dimensions of 3 states of time and the 4 th dimension of an observer, travel simultaneously through the 5th dimension independent to the observer but independent to individual observers. I would define the 5th dimension as a void. Empty of time until the 4 dimensions are present creating individual occupancy time.

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