Too exist.

Too exist is to be remembered, to live without remembrance is to die without existence.   MerMaid-3-mermaids-21003585-1024-768

The legendary Mermaid, existing in our minds without a physical existence, a name that is well known.   Existing more than myself, a timeless memory of history passed down the generations. The captivating beauty of a Mermaid , something to remember, a captivation of imagination that will never be lost.

I wanted to exist like the Mermaid, to be remembered in the future, I persevered with no avail, I tried and tried over and over again to no avail. The days past by, months and even years, as my words fell on deaf ear’s.

I tried with light and explained it as a clear mist, science just shook their fist….

I tried with time just to hear them whine….

I really think my existence has failed, most of my posts derailed….

I guess I must be just wrong……..


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