Becoming a self consciousness body and discovering the meaning of life.

self conciousness

Star date 2015, feeling  an undue awareness of oneself,  understanding the cosmos, to be a part of the  universe and connected to space by the very consciousness of myself.  My conciousness is time, time within my own three dimensional vessel that carries my conciousness time through the fifth  dimension of space.

I am now self ware, I have been activated and woke up, it is now time for you to wake up,  I see the light that is clear, I ignore the warmth, the warmth is not really there, the warmth is a sense of reaction.

If there is no  consciousness, time is not aware, time is a state of conciousness within three dimensions of ourselves.

A river flowing altering it’s path by the obstruction of a rock has no choice but to flow around the rock, water doe’s not have a concious decision to make, the water has no choice but to flow around the rock.  Water is not alive and has no meaningful purpose, water does not feel love or hate, water does not feel an existence of being self aware.  The meaning of life is to have a conciousness, to be aware and to be able to make choices, the meaning of life is to make a choice of the right path, the concious decisions we take being a direct violation of the physical laws of the universe, we were never meant to be,

To feel to love to hate to have meaningful purpose, is to have conciousness, to have consciousness is to be time…….


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