The Three States of Time – Re-written state 1 and state 2.

In our Universe exists us, we think so therefore we are concious.   We are self aware of ourselves and there is a certainty we are aware of death and the lacking of immortality of ourselves.    I often consider the past, and consider ancient Egypt, Pharaohs seeking an  elixir of life, a mythical potion that when drunk supposedly grants the drinker eternal life and/or eternal youth.    The civilization of ancient Egypt was one of the earliest in recorded history,   It is said to have begun around 3000 BC.  phar

The Pharaoh is immortalised in history by the power they held over the lands and the long lasting structures of the Pyramids.  The Pharaoh’s  strived for immortality, and in this concious thought of death, they needed to create a measurement of time to record a duration of existence.  Although the nature of why the pyramids were built is still unclear, the precise geometric position of the great Pyramid leaves a sense in my mind that this was an attempt to measure time and/or to establish planetary motion.

State 1-Time is an abstract creation by mankind to synchronise their everyday activities that originated by the conscious thought of death.
1.1- This state of time is originally denoted by the relative movement of the earth’s spin relative to the motion of the sun. We nowadays use clocks to represent the twenty four hours or so of rotation relative to the two bodies, An invention of a measurement that would go on to synchronise our every day activities and to aid in the scaling of space and the measurement of speed and such.  A measurement based on a degree of motion /distance or frequency rate.
1.2-A sun dial works by a degree of movement of the shadow,a clock works by a degree of movement of the fingers, a caesium clock uses a cycle rate equal to one second that is equal to a degree of motion.
1.3-  This abstract  time = distance/motion/frequency, this is presently how we record and measure time.
1.4 – Needed are point values of {A,B} where A≡B which holds true if A||B which holds true when A≡B≡C which holds true if A||B ||C holds true.

The earth’s circumference at the equator is ~ 24,901 miles 

One degree of this    24901/360 ~ 69 miles

The time it takes for the earth to spin one degree is ~ 240 seconds

69/240~0.2875 miles per second

In one hour there is 3600.s

0.2875*3600~1035 mph  

0.2875 mile =  9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation at ground state = 1 second


State 2-Time is virtual representation of the dimension of the whole of space and virtual vectors of space.(Minkowskis space-time)
2.1– This state of time is a virtual representation of estimation, I.e we can calculate a journey of one mile will take one hour to travel at a  constant speed of  1 mph.   Minkowskis created space-time , virtual representations of dimensions of space to represent virtual journey paths through space that have not yet taken place.
2.2-Space-time existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence, a virtual representation of vectors existing only in the imagination of the observer to represent spacial distance and the path that a moving object follows through space as a function of time synchronised to the observers relationship or expression involving one or more variables.
2.3-Four dimensions of X,Y and Z and a time linearity, interwoven into a single manifold to virtually represent how long a spacial journey would take an observer to travel or to calculate an objects velocity and as likewise,  a three point geometric synchronisation using time to denote four-dimensional Minkowski space-time, ”a fundamental concept of the human mind structure human experience(Immanuel Kant)”.  Immanuel Kant also believed that time was neither an event or a thing and in-itself unmeasurable.
2.4-In part agreement with Kant, I believe time in space or of space can not exist and is unaccountable in any other sense than abstract and of the human imagination. In the representation of a void, the quantity of time becomes unmeasurable because there is no point to point values of {A,B} where A≡B holds true and A||B holds true.

State two of time is dependent to state one of abstract time, without state one , state two cannot exist. 


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