Governments, Science and Religion have ruined our home.

I get sick and tired of putting on the news and seeing something else going on the world, there always seem’s to be argument and happenings in the world.   Who is to blame for this?  who can the normal civilians of the world, the majority , blame for the home we all live on being ruined by the minority trouble makers?

Can we blame religion who have caused countless wars and argument and still persist today?


Can we blame science for producing the weapons religion has used and still uses?


Can we blame governments for allowing this to happen?  Were the Kings and Queens of our past really this stupid?

It is not people who ruin our home, it is this false creation of leadership and equality that opposes our very existence.   The masses divided by system and belief’s, are we really this stupid?  is this what we are?  is this that we have become?

I for one am sick of the minority childish antics they impose on us all.


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