The Firmament of the minds illusion.

There once was a  man who lacked knowledge, he never wanted to ask  questions , if there is no question asked, there is nothing to be answered, the man was so wise to ask nothing as ignorance is bliss.  A wise man once looked out of  a window, he could see a world in chaos, to bring order to chaos is to seek virtue, to write words that are understood is the power of belief.  People, all sorts of people, have a belief, but what are they believing in?


Above you see you a stationary circle, a staring gaze reveals an illusion in your mind, a sense that the circle is moving. a misinterpreted perception of reality by the brain. 

It is no illusion when I look at my children, they are reality and give me meaningful purpose and the sense of responsibility.  It is the responsibility of the elders to make sure our children are educated and have virtue, what we teach our children today is the future of tomorrow.   It is also important that we learn to deal with and accept reality,  to not teach our children  illusions of reality that give a sense of hope and belief  not according to truth or fact.  History has  provided illusions in the past, once mankind  thought the Earth was flat, civilisation feared falling off the horizon into an abyss.  This was later to be discovered a myth and the realisation that the world was ”round”.   Another belief from our past, was the belief of a Firmament, a said solid dome like structure that covered the flat Earth.  We this day and age simply call it the sky, knowingly we have accomplished the ability to leave our atmosphere by the mechanical ingenuity of mankind, the only Firmament that existed was the inability of thought and technology that was needed to allow this Firmament to be reached and explored.


Imagine you are standing and observing the sky in the above picture, in our past before the concept of flight and space travel.  There is certainly an impression and perceived mental image of the comparison to being within a dome like structure, a feeling of containment to almost claustrophobic proportions.   With that said, I am sure you will now understand the Firmament of the minds illusion…..

Whenever there is a boundary that can not be reached, whether it be by physical means or mental means, this is the solid boundary of the firmament of the mind.  A boundary that is seemingly unreachable, a boundary that can only allow imagination and not that of facts or truths.  There can lye no truths beyond the firmament of the mind.   These firmaments of the minds, create illusions in the mind, one of the most famous illusion being that of religion, denoted by thinking civilisation was inside of this Firmament.  We however went beyond this Firmament but the illusion created was strong in belief and persists today.


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