There is always two sides to an an exchange of diverging or opposite views.

If you come over to my side of the fence and bring your excrement with you, do not complain when I chuck excrement back.


Fence5(2)In reality there exists a fundamental Law, it takes two sides to cause an argument, but what really is an argument?   I define an argument as an objection of opinion or belief, often resulting in conflict.   In a society that we are supposedly the higher form of life, it is quite unbelievable that so many arguments can not reach a sensible conclusion, logically based and to a conclusion that suits all the involved parties  in the often mindless , thoughtless debate.

I often observe mankind, acting like naive children, and sometimes I observe mankind arguing with themselves when nobody is even arguing back.  This  quite disturbs me ,  because if there were a God then surely the God will judge by the actions, and all these souls will not belong in a paradise that is said to exist.

To learn virtue is to unlock the gates of paradise.


The humble cow, a conscious life with little want, a life no different than our own, a living creature that breaths and feels, who settle for what is provided with no complaint.   Yet humanity eats their lives and claims to be religious.    I do not believe any God would forsake these …oh! so poor old cows.  They do not argue or fight, they do not pretend, they accept their once so tranquil lives, and  now the  cannibals eat their souls.

The world as many people who are ”cows”, we just want to live a quiet life and graze in the fields.  We do not argue there is or a isn’t, life is too short to be consciously wasting it, live and enjoy and do not reap , thy action are thy own actions so be a ”cow”.






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