How did we arrive on Earth?


Apparently we evolved on Earth, life evolved on Earth by the luck of the Earth’s position relative to the Sun.  Life created by the star dust or life created by sea life cellular organisms, evolved from apes, etc, etc.

Adam and  Eve, not a chicken and an egg.

This got me thinking, what if ……..aus


Many years ago, prisoners where sent off to Australia to be separated from society. Of course now Australia is a very nice place from the impression I get from television viewing etc

So what if we were wrong and we was brought to Earth similar to sending prisoners to Australia?

A person could argue and say no, what about the cave men?

But what if the cavemen were or became orphans and nobody showed them the way!

Our culture is a violent culture, history and present times show us this, what if our race lost an intergalactic war and the last survivors were imprisoned in the isolation of a black hole?

Or maybe all the adults died and just the children were isolated.

Imagine leaving very young children to defend for themselves, would they not draw on the cave walls?

if the children knew no words, who was to leave the history of how they got here?

Just a few thought’s
















9 thoughts on “How did we arrive on Earth?

  1. I recently watched Ben Stein’s Expelled-No Intelligence Allowed. Near the end, Stein asked Richard Dawkins were all the information in DNA came from. After all, there is no model in nature for information being added to DNA code, only degradation.
    “Aliens ” did it, was Dawkins answer. He implies they were our supreme beings who put 3.2 billion bits of information in each strand of DNA.
    Okay, who was their supreme being? It doesn’t answer the question, only moves it back a step.

    1. Our consciousness is that of an energy, our bodies are merely containers. I have not heard of Dawkin’s, thank you for sharing. I would have to expand on Dawkin’s idea and add Alien science, but when referring to Alien’s, I do not refer to Alien’s in the usual manner. An older sister Earth would have a more evolved race. A race that would also be lost for answers and looking for answers.

      1. Mathematically speaking, 1.3 billion bits of information in DNA both two-dimensional and three-dimensional information so sophisticated, could not have assembled by random chance even in 22 billion years which is the estimated life of the universe

      2. At a bare minimum life needs 250 proteins in order to exist. In order for the proteins to form they need enzymes. The odds of just one enzyme forming is calculated at 10 to the 40000 power against by random chance. Again, enzymes form proteins which form cells and in each cell is 3.2 billion bits of information in every strand of DNA. The total Ide of life existing are incalculable. This is safe to say because the one number we do know 10 to the 40,000 power against is so big that it is hundreds of times bigger than the total number of atoms in the entire known universe which is 10 to the 85th power that is the number 10 followed by 85 zeros.
        Even if aliens where are Supreme Being and they assemble the first information for human life that is not answer who assembled the information for alien intelligent life it just moves the question back one step.

      3. Interesting thoughts and information, yes an alien species may also be looking for a ”god”. However , if there was a God, then the question would also have to be put forward to a ”God” , how did you get here God?. So yes we can go around and around all day with the imagination. However, infinite space rules out God , sorry, for even a God would need space to exist in. Space is the one and only creator. Space is ”God”.
        To add I think I can prove time does not exist, because anything more than zero , is history .

      4. God already shows us in the Bible that He created time and will one day stop it. And when Moses asked God,”whom shall I say has sent me?” God answered in present tense,”tell them I AM has sent you”.

      5. The bible is not Gods work or word, the bible was written by mankind. To seek salvation is to truly understand, heaven on Earth we were and should of stayed. The firmament is no more, open the door and let the light in, do not sin, for space is watching you. I see you through the eyes of space, it is all quite clear, time is not created , history is recorded, the now will always be the now.

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