Life is like a blank Cd

Life is like a blank CD, you never know what you are going to find inside.



A blank CD, unwritten naught’s/nothings, empty of data.  No time exists of the CD’s information, a bit like us.   Time is a zero instant of now, anything more than zero is recorded history.

We can not and do not measure time, time is always the moment of now, a unified Universe of a simultaneous now, anything more than the now , zero/nothing, instantly becomes recorded history of the now.

Take the smallest measurement you could possibly think of, even this measurement would be a fragment of recorded history.

What about time dilation?

To summon up briefly , any measurement greater than zero/nothing is history/memory . Time does not exist , only the zero instant exists simultaneous for a unified Universe.

When you measure the value of a Caesium atom you are not measuring time, you are recording the atoms history.

Time dilation does not happen, the now moment never changes from a zero value.

Scenario 1 – take two identical video cameras, one camera (a) we will set up recording Caesium clock (a) which is in a inertial stationary reference frame, the second camera /b/ we will set up recording Caesium clock /b/ which is in motion. We start the recordings synchronised from a starting point of zero/nothing. We record for three hours to a synchronised stop.

We then observe the footage on two monitors with a synchronised start. We observe no discrepancy in the synchronisation of the playing footage ”time-line”.






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