The theory of realistic.

Abstract – Representing the Universe in a way that is accurate and true to life, simplistic propositions that are self evidently true that will show us the truth and honesty of various physical phenomenon of the Universe, in which the  basis of  logical process and rational thought will show the justification of  the axiom propositions to be true.

Part 1 – The Theory of realistic.

  1. Introduction, explanation of  an axiom
  2. Defining various definition
  3. Defining Theory and Hypothesis
  4. The meaning of maths and maths use
  5. The meaning of limitation
  6. The meaning and value of Geometrics
  7. In respect of moving bodies
  8. Examining mass and massless
  9. The relationship between time and mass
  10. The relationship between time and massless
  11. Explaining the constant-‘constant nature of light
  12. Explaining observer effect and experiment


1.Introduction, explanation of  an axiom

An axiom is something that is self evidently true, it is important we understand that things that are self evidently true, are true, regardless of   the “truth” of  propositions in this sense is founded exclusively on our limited finite observation of the Universe.  We must presume that axiom’s observed in our finite visual Universe, co-exist to be true in a broader scale of an infinite Universe or Multi-verse.  There would be no valid reason to assume that our observed physical laws and process is not the same and equal  too,  on a broader scale.  It would be foolish of ourselves to deny axiom’s regardless of experimental outcomes, theory or hypothesis.

2.Defining various definition

We should take great consideration and respect for definition, it is universally important that we define simplistic axiom’s in a simple understandable manner that clarifies the exact content with strict definition, that all readers of the information can easily relate to without misinterpretation of the information.  When observing a definition and considering a definition it is of utmost importance we apply the truths we observe of the thing or phenomenon we are defining.

In our visual Universe there is several key axiom definitions that need to be applied.

Space – space is the volume of ”empty” distance that surrounds an observer.

Distance – An isotropic unbounded quantity of N-dimensional space expanding away from the observer

Length -1. A measured distance of finite bounded space between two reflective points.

2. A measurement of an objects dimensions of its form.


Universe – an unbounded N-dimensional space

Visual Universe – a finite observed length  within a Universe

Matter – Solidity or substance that occupies space

Energy – matter of substance with physical presence but without solidity.

Objects – matter existing with solidity such as a particle.

Motion – the  continuous displacement of matter in space

Dimensions– The volume of an object


3.Defining Theory and Hypothesis

In understanding , it is important we understand the attributes of a theory or hypothesis, there is also an important we understand what a theory or hypothesis is in the terms of realism.  A theory or hypothesis is an idea, an idea that relates to something, however we must not allow ourselves to become besotted in any idea unless it is of axiom tendencies.

An hypothesis differs from a theory, a theory is more solid than a hypothesis often having experimental results to back it up, where as hypothesis’s are often considered more of a speculation without any evidential merit.

We must not allow ourselves to speculate to vividly, our premise should remain based on axioms, we should not conclude that set theory , is fact, unless the evidence is axiom related and in accordance strictly relative.

4.The meaning of maths and maths use dependency. 

We must remember that numbers are the invention of logical rules by humans to aid our existence.  Numbers do not exist in the Universe, they only exist in our mental interpretation of process by using number equivalents to explain and accurately fit and explain a process or event. The Universe exists without numbers and events happen regardless of the numbers involved.

It is important that we understand that maths is not the answer  to the Universe , it is a way to define a process or event in a different context other than words alone. The process or event always preceding  the maths, the maths a later of the former.  However the maths can also be dependent to the process in the use of prediction and calculation of the prediction.

5.The meaning of limitation

When we observe limitation, we observe restriction, not only are we restricted to a visual restriction that establishes a  finite observation visual Universe, we are restricted to thinking inside of the ”box”and have limitations in our thinking.  Any thinking of ”outside” of the box, can only be deemed to be speculation and hypothesis and never deemed to be fact until a future time of further investigations may lead to new findings beyond our limitations.  However, we must not disregard the axioms  of the inside of the ”box” when thinking outside of the ”box”.

It is also important that  we consider why we have limitation and what is the possible cause(s) of these limitations, not overlooking the diminishing of light over distance, matter reflectivity and the relativity of objects moving away from an observer relatively appear to decrease in size to a point of no existence.






To be continued..


















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