My Words of Wisdom.

Sensible or wise thinking, the quality of being wise and having the ability to think rationally and  interpret logic with a true understanding.

A sense that one’s own mind is able to process the Universe with a better understanding than those before them.


My fundamental thought exists, I have a clear line of sight from me to ”you”, I do not observe in this transparent ”empty” space, individual Photon’s travelling from point to point, I observe a transparent whole that contains ”things”, ”things” that I can not see if there is no ”light” emitted through the transparent ”dark” space.

It is said that  we see the Sun it’s past  because it takes around eight minutes for ”Photons” to ”travel” from the Sun to  our eyes!   But how can that be true when I can see the entirety of distance of ”empty” space between me and the Sun observing a start and end point simultaneously by the very fact of a clear line of sight?

How can I see the ”light” in  ”empty” space between the Sun and my eyes if the ”light” in ”empty’ space as not entered my eyes?

Logic answers the Universe……………







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