Stop telling me I am wrong !

Science continues ”it’s” quest in telling me I am ”wrong” on the ”things” that I know I am correct about.  Science would like me to believe that I could not calculate small numbers and my calculations are incorrect  when ”working” with really simple ”things” such as an amount of time.


The amount of time it takes light to travel a distance of free space is constant because the speed of light denoted c measured in a vacuum is constant in speed  at 299 792 458 m / s. From the Sun to Earth a Photon’s journey,  the Photon  on average takes about eight minutes and twenty seconds to reach the Earth and enter your eyes, in which this a part of the sight process ,  thus allowing us to see by the Photon’s entering our eyes.

Photon’s emitted from the surface of the Sun need to travel across the vacuum of space to reach our eyes that allows us to see the Sun , we see objects similarly  by the Photons reflecting off objects that travel across free space that enter our eyes. We retain an image of the object in our minds as long as we retain a clear line of sight.

Thus ”brings” to my attention the thought and postulate of considering the events in which the present information is seemingly at error . The present information suggesting we see objects as they were in their past. In short and simple terms it is presently suggested that when you  observe the Sun at 9 a.m relative to you, you are actually seeing the Sun , an image in your brain,  that is eight minutes and twenty seconds old and that you are  seeing the Sun as it were at 8:51:40 am .  Effectively when you observe any object you are observing into the past.

However, there is an incompleteness about this and in consideration of ALL of the events and completeness, there is seemingly a contradiction, thus leading me to the discussion of the humble but yet so informative ”tube”.

Let us look through the tube,  a ”Quanta tunnel”,  I at one end of the tube and you at the other end of the tube, we will label my end of the tube (A) and we shall label your end of the tube (B), we shall also define the rest length of the tube,  defining the rest length of the tube is 299792458 m and define this as one light second of light travel between I and you in either direction the light travels.

Now let us consider the present information and how the present information conform’s in accordance with the tube. From (A) to (B), a Photon takes one second to travel the distance.  From (B) to (A) the Photon takes one second to travel the distance.

”If” we were both to release, emit or reflect  a Photon at the exact same time, both opposite points would receive the Photons at the exact same time because of the constant speed of the light.  In simple terms if we emitted a Photon each, at exactly 9:00:00 am on synchronised clocks, the individual Photons would reach us at exactly 9:00:01 am, simultaneous on both clocks. In relationship to sight , Photons enter our eyes at 9:00:01 am, but according to present information we observe each other as we were at 9:00:00 am.

However, in this scenario we both started at precisely 9:00:00 am , we both experienced one second of time pass by as the light travelled the distance from both points.  I, you and the Photon’s,  all experience the passing of time of a one second duration, while the scenario event takes place.

In this scenario it is important to consider the one second of ”darkness”, the absence of light.  The observers exist in ”darkness” and experience ”darkness” until the light arrives at the simultaneous point in time where both observers see each other simultaneously.

Thus far, this shows us that once a line of sight ”connection” is established, that sight between two observers is simultaneous by the very fact that c is constant, this also shows us that the now of your time position at the (B) end of the tube is equal to the now time position at the (A) end of the tube thus concluding we see each other as we are now and not in the past.




























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