How did we arrive on Earth?

Apparently we evolved on Earth, life evolved on Earth by the luck of the Earth’s position relative to the Sun.  Life created by the star dust or life created by sea life cellular organisms, evolved from apes, etc, etc. Adam and  Eve, not a chicken and an egg. This got me thinking, what if …….. […]

Apparently this is wrong!

A while ago I discussed a probability problem, I suggested that by adding a choice of a set, when the first value is designated to the player(s), changed the probabilities of event/outcome.  Science and elsewhere,  categorically said I was incorrect and talking out of my backside. In the above illustration, I have expressed  the problem […]

There is always two sides to an an exchange of diverging or opposite views.

If you come over to my side of the fence and bring your excrement with you, do not complain when I chuck excrement back.   In reality there exists a fundamental Law, it takes two sides to cause an argument, but what really is an argument?   I define an argument as an objection of […]