The Firmament of the minds illusion.

There once was a  man who lacked knowledge, he never wanted to ask  questions , if there is no question asked, there is nothing to be answered, the man was so wise to ask nothing as ignorance is bliss.  A wise man once looked out of  a window, he could see a world in chaos, to bring […]

The Three states of time-state 3 Re-written

Many years have passed, and many great minds have considered time and the meaning of time and shared their thoughts. Humans , the very need for time, the very thought of time, something we look for outside of ourselves in hope. In considering  state one and state two of time, then in a sense of […]

The Three States of Time – Re-written state 1 and state 2.

In our Universe exists us, we think so therefore we are concious.   We are self aware of ourselves and there is a certainty we are aware of death and the lacking of immortality of ourselves.    I often consider the past, and consider ancient Egypt, Pharaohs seeking an  elixir of life, a mythical potion that when […]

Becoming a self consciousness body and discovering the meaning of life.

Star date 2015, feeling  an undue awareness of oneself,  understanding the cosmos, to be a part of the  universe and connected to space by the very consciousness of myself.  My conciousness is time, time within my own three dimensional vessel that carries my conciousness time through the fifth  dimension of space. I am now self ware, […]