Relative correctness

Title: Relative correctness and the correct semantics of information.   Abstract- This paper is intended to correct relativity and semantics in a primary respect to science process. Using a dialectic approach and presenting logical arguments that opposes the present information. Showing a construction of deductive logical proof’s , looking at the true values of relativity […]

You are subjective to education.

Do  not adjust your television sets, the world around you is how you see it, the mind games of control are incorporated by subjective education and forced disciplines, ”they” do not own me and can not subject my mind to their insanity of thought. I see what I see, I see space as a whole […]

My Words of Wisdom.

Sensible or wise thinking, the quality of being wise and having the ability to think rationally and  interpret logic with a true understanding. A sense that one’s own mind is able to process the Universe with a better understanding than those before them. My fundamental thought exists, I have a clear line of sight from […]

The theory of realistic continued.

Part 1 continued 6.The meaning and value of Geometric Geometry is a branch of maths that is concerned in dealing with the aspects of shape, lines , curves and points , geometrically being a regular existence of lines and shapes thus leading us into a lengthy discussion of the relativeness of Geometry in space. It […]

The theory of realistic.

Abstract – Representing the Universe in a way that is accurate and true to life, simplistic propositions that are self evidently true that will show us the truth and honesty of various physical phenomenon of the Universe, in which the  basis of  logical process and rational thought will show the justification of  the axiom propositions to be […]

Apparently this is wrong!

A while ago I discussed a probability problem, I suggested that by adding a choice of a set, when the first value is designated to the player(s), changed the probabilities of event/outcome.  Science and elsewhere,  categorically said I was incorrect and talking out of my backside. In the above illustration, I have expressed  the problem […]